Dylan made pickles!

making pickles

Eliza said Dylan wanted cucumbers cos he was going to make refrigerator pickles. Wait, you said what, he’s doing what?  What?

He wasn’t very interested in the garden all summer.  She would drag him around to show him things and he seemed….. a little interested.  Then when cucumbers started getting ready and he realized we were growing something he really liked, he took more interest. Then a few days ago  he asked me to show him where the dill was growing, and I thought he was using some in some good recipe, cos he is an excellent cook.

And now he’s making pickles!  He brought these over last night for me to see and taste, and they’re as good as any dill pickles I’ve ever had out of a jar.  When he took the lid off and I smelled the pickling spices and other good things in there, I knew they would be good. He said they can last a month or so.


With plans for a bigger garden next summer, and Eliza and I planning to fool around with some canning, we are going to have a whole lot of fun next year, and some more good stuff put by for another winter.  I told him to make sure his recipe for the brine is written down now before he forgets, cos we’re canning his pickles next year! I’m so excited for him to be interested in anything connected to the garden; Dylan made pickles!

3 responses to “Dylan made pickles!

  1. They won’t last a month….I doubt there will be any left by the end of the week! Yummy! But the brine can be reused, so soon as we eat them all, cut up more cukes and put them in. 🙂

    • Yea I figured they wouldn’t stand up to the test of a month, cos they’re too good. Using the brine again is good, but we’re gonna be out of good cukes. Next year we need a big cuke patch, for salads, freezer pickles and to can some of his dills. And who knows what else we might get in to!

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