What a beautiful day for summer pleasures


It’s a beautiful day to enjoy summer’s pleasures while they last.  Hang laundry on the line for that special fresh smell, pick some beans, gather some collards to freeze for the winter, some chilies to dry, lunch on the porch, and putter along at my own pace and just enjoy getting things done.

Summer will wind down.  I already took down some bean plants that were out back, and the cucumber vines.  But I’ll hang on to summer as long as I can.

6 responses to “What a beautiful day for summer pleasures

  1. I’m not ready to say summer is over yet but there’s less than a month before the first day of Fall. Very cool here today and for the next two as well but the crickets and katydids were chirping this morning.

    • I’ll hang on to each moment and activity as long as I can, cos the summer is wonderful, and the winter, long………….We have the day music of crickets and the night music of cicadas now too. Love it, all of it.

      • Too cool and rainy for the cicadas today but while I was out putting up a fence I saw a very colorful tiger moth in the grass where the sheep will be grazing soon. So I moved it to safer place. These are the kinds of things I like so much about summer.

  2. Nancy, this morning I have (before reading your blog):
    1. Hung a load of clothes out to dry
    2. Finished picking my dried Hopi Lima beans
    3. Cooked a ‘messa collards to go with supper and to freeze extra
    4. Making a bit pot of veggie soup in my solar cooker to have for lunches this week-adding some collards to it too 😉
    5. Although I didn’t eat my lunch on the porch, I do plan to sit out there this afternoon and shell out some beans

    Like you, I’m feeling a ‘need’ to wring out all the pleasures of summer, even though I sense it’s winding down too. Isn’t that funny that you and I have done almost exactly the same things this morning? “Miles apart but close at heart”

    • We still have to investigate being sisters, lol. Great minds think alike, and live similar lives, with the simple pleasures being the most important. I am having the most fun with these Hopis. I even bought them a special clear jar at a small flea market I went to yesterday, so I can see them dried on the shelf in the winter.The colors will remind me that summer was a wonderful time. Have a good week!

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