Historic snow storm


Yesterday it snowed. Yea it did, actually started the night before and snowed hard all yesterday into last evening. They say it broke the record for the biggest snow storm since records have been kept. Above was our drive way before we got a guy with a backhoe to take most of that out of there. Other than that, the kids would have been working on that all day, to get their vehicles out to go to work tomorrow.

Dylan measured 29.5″ last night after it stopped. My 2′ rabbit fence was a good way to measure too.  Mid afternoon, only the top of it was showing.

rabbit fence

By about supper time, what rabbit fence?  And Eliza’s blue car is down there….somewhere.


Her  car pretty much disappeared and Dylan dug for an hour trying to get the bamboo off of his truck.  I waded waist deep yesterday to get more birdseed from the garage, and this morning the kids shoveled a path to the garage and their vehicles, bless them.


There will be problems left from this all around here for a week as things get dug out and streets plowed.  Many places away from here had horrible things happen, so we got this but it’s still better than some issues along the coast and some other places.  15 or so people died in the east, connected to this storm.  We can complain and be inconvenienced, but we’re far better off than some of those places.

10 responses to “Historic snow storm

    • Yea Jackie it’s gonna be a lot for towns etc, to get streets and alleys and parking spaces cleared. And the big piles they push up in big parking lots will be here till May! Thanks!

  1. Glad you are ok, Nancy! The historical storm was all over the news in this part of the world. Wishing you and your family all the best! Stay warm…

    • Thanks Herman. We are all ok here and our digging out is done. Wow, the storm was big, to make the news over there! I’m thankful to have only been inconvenienced.

    • They worked hard getting down to the garage and other places dug out. I’m cooking all sorts of good things, and sometimes it’s stuff that grew right out there>>>>>. I hope you’re doing well.

  2. I’m glad to see you are ok. We didn’t get as much of the snow here. Only 8 inches where I am but a foot or so with ice just a few miles east. If we had gotten that much snow here I’d be buried in it until Summer. No one to dig me out.

    • You’ll have enough trouble with 8″, so I’m glad you didn’t get any more than you did. It’s good you always have a lot of food stored! We have an awful mess all around, the town trying to get streets cleared, etc, cos there’s nowhere to put the stuff. But we’re good right here, thanks! Take care.

  3. It was deep, that’s for sure. It snowed from Friday afternoon until early Sunday morning, and the wind kept blowing the fallen snow into deeper drifts. With all of the wind—If it had been a heavy wet snow–I think a lot of people would have been out of power. Lucky that didn’t happen. Now, 5 days later, there are still a lot of parking spots buried under snow and cars that are going nowhere. Happy children though! School has been closed all week. 🙂

    • Ours was light and fluffy too, and I was so thankful for that since there was so much. Everybody here was thinking of limbs coming down on the lines and knocking out power, but that didn’t happen. There were a few buildings that has collapsed roofs from the weight tho, since there was so much of it. Our town is still cleaning up.

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