Pink and white tree time

spring blossoms

Spring is the prettiest time here in Pennsylvania.  Right now, in addition to all different kinds of spring bulbs blooming, there are pink and white trees blooming all around, and it’s beautiful to drive around and see them.

Above is my cherry tree, which has a lot of blossoms on this year.  Last year we had a weird spring and it didn’t have many flowers. Then of course it didn’t have many cherries, just a few and some hard nubs.  The cherries are good just to eat. Also, a couple years ago my friend across the alley picked some and made a pie.  And two years ago my daughter in law picked a bunch and a coworker made wine with them. And of course, the birds get their share.  The tree is big and we couldn’t possibly pick more than maybe the bottom one third, even with a ladder.  I wish the birds would only take from the top, but that’s not going to happen.

Today while I was driving around, I pulled over and took a few pictures, just cos the pink trees especially are so pretty. Dogwoods, red buds, and one that I can’t identify. It’s pink and white tree time in Pa.  Happy Spring!

pink flowering tree

spring flowering trees

dogwood trees

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