Not all weeds are bad things

pappy's whiskers

Sometimes they’re just interesting volunteers.

There’s an easement at the edge of the alley, which belongs to the boro.  Mine to tend to, theirs to dig up if they ever need to.  I also have a telephone pole and its guide wires right on that strip of land.  The pole and wires are ugly, but necessary. (Because the phone lines aren’t allowed to go over top of my property, that run of wiring is all the phone lines for the whole town.  Important stuff, but ugly, but whatever.)

There’s a “weed”  vine grows around here; a wild clematis. Grandma just called it pappy’s whiskers, cos she didn’t always know the right names for things.  It is invasive and will take over areas it you don’t keep it pulled out.

Years ago some pappy’s whiskers started growing at the place where the guide wires go into the ground, and I left it grow. Then it made its way over to the pole itself.  I tear it all down in the fall after it frosts.  Then in the spring, it grows all up again, and produces these pretty, wonderful smelling flowers in early September.

Sometimes weeds are just weeds and sometimes they make an area prettier than it was and smell good to boot.

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