Summer rolls along………


We had a cool, wet spring, and things in the garden didn’t take off like they do a lot of years, but everything survived.  Now they’re catching up.  Then we had a long hot spell: the time when the whole east coast was under a dome of excessive heat.  Other places suffered worse; some people on the east coast died from heat issues, and there are fires raging in the west and south west.  I can be thankful that we have water, cos some places are developing shortages, and our mountains are not on fire. And my garden grows, so again the blessings of the earth are wonderful.

Our government continues to deny the realities of climate change, but that’s an issue I won’t get into here.  All we can each do is do the best we can for ourselves and our own communities, and accept that climate change is now affecting us all.

I made the garden smaller this year, cos I’m getting old(er.) The big grassy area used to be a fenced in area, and I’ve now turned that into some patchy grass, but it’s getting better as time goes along, with some seeding in the spring. My stone patch looks good making its way down to the bean pergola.

There are lots of tomatoes of 7 kinds.  2 kinds of beans and cucumbers are on the poles, and 2 summer squash are under the pergola. And the beans are starting to climb. Then in the back are several different hot and sweet peppers in pots, and a summer squash back there too. And a pot of basil.  There will be Italian recipes made soon, and when there get to be a lot of tomatoes, (more than enough to eat and share) I’ll start blanching and freezing some to make tomato sauce later on.

I planted one cabbage and one collard at the end of tomato row, cos cabbage is fun to grow and I will be able to pick collard leaves all summer to make small batches of it sautéed with tomato cubes and Parmesan cheese.


Earlier in the summer the sweet Williams in the wild flower bed were amazing.  Their heads are brown now and I’ll let them there to spread seeds for next summer.


Sometimes you get special treats in the summer, unexpected ones.  Like………..seeing a ground hog up in a tree! They do climb trees occasionally, and nobody seems to understand why, unless you’re a ground hog.


Last summer I had many gardening challenges, including resident groundhogs that had to be evicted.  Some always live up in the field and woods behind the house, so this might be one of “ours”, or a relative.  But no resident ones this year, thankfully.

So summer rolls along, and life rolls along, and we count our blessings each day.  Enjoy Today.

6 responses to “Summer rolls along………

  1. Your garden looks very beautiful. Thank goodness you still have water.
    I remembered the posts about the resident groundhogs in the past… Interesting creatures, though… 😉

    • Thanks Herman. They really are interesting creatures. As long as they don’t live under my garage and eat from my garden buffet! 😜

  2. We somehow missed out on the heat. It is only starting to get warm here, but probably will not get to 100 today; certainly nothing out of the ordinary. For a while, it was warmer in Portland than here. It was quite hot down south too. Our little region has had it pretty easy so far.
    That is weird that the groundhog will climb trees if it does not need to. I do not know what a groundhog is or does, but it does not look like the sort of animal I want to be under if it falls from a tree. Raccoons are sometimes seen climbing those very tall Mexican fan palms in Los Angeles. Perhaps they want the fruit or seeds up there, but it seems like way too much work for such a minimal snack. Those trees are very tall, and have no branches on which to stop and rest. Once they start up, they must keep going. Oddly, they are only seen going up, but never seen coming down.

    • A groundhog is also known as a woodchuck. They live in burrows they dig or holes they find to their liking, or convenient places like under my garage last summer. She started out under there and then dug down for a nice winter home. People know to restrain dogs from looking down in holes out in the country, cos the gnarling teeth on these guys can tear a dog to pieces quickly. It’s not very often we see them up in trees, but occasionally.
      It’s good you missed the bad heat, cos it sure is taking a toll on so many areas. Some of the big areas where our food is grown, and all this will be a growing problem for all of us.

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