Tomato chips

Not a typo, tomato chips. I’ve discovered that when I have a whole lot of Roma tomatoes, some should be dehydrated, cos they are very good. We’ve eaten a lot, froze some, made the tomato sauce, and shared some, and they’re still coming. So, I haven’t dehydrated anything in a couple years and I’m glad I tried this.

They are sweet and a little crisp and I started doing them to put them in recipes over the winter, but I like them so much just the way they are, that they might not last till winter. They are so good to just eat, or toss into a salad for a little crunch.

Years ago I bought an inexpensive dehydrator. It doesn’t have choices of heat settings etc; only a good fan and an on/off switch, but it sure works well for the times I need it.

Another way to preserve some of the blessing of the earth, which are soon over for this year. And the wheel continues to turn.

6 responses to “Tomato chips

  1. The tomato chips looks very delicious. I must be great to grow and eat food from your own garden. Maybe I should give it a try with some chocolate and coffee beans…?? 😉

    • 😜 Herman, I don’t know……maybe you better stick with stuff from the store for that good stuff. You’re a little far north for those crops. Hope you’re having a good weekend and staying safe. Here, we Iive in chaos, lies, bull shit, and our west coast is on fire. Other than that, we’re ok. Myself, thankfully, we’re ok here. 😊

  2. How rad! I have not tried it yet. Ours got canned. There were none to can this year because the garden was abandoned . . . three times, and any produce that happened to be surplus was shared with neighbors who are underemployed because of the current ‘situation’.

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