Anniversary update from a boring blogger

It’s winter. I’m bored and boring. I always hated winter and it has gotten worse as I got older. I always tended to hibernate like some big fat bear. Now there is COVID added to that. I’ve had my shots and wear a mask in public but the new variant is all around here. So, more hibernation………

The gardener in me isn’t happy unless I’m growing something, so inside the glass enclosure that used to be Geyri’s house, my uromastyx, I’m growing some lettuce and a few herbs. Gives me some things to eat and a chore to do every day: tending my garden.

Geyri is asleep, winter brumation for several months now. I go past her enclosure and look in, but nobody is looking out. Brumation is bad for the uro keepers. I woke her up recently just to see if she looks ok and weigh her. Sometimes they can start to dehydrate. But she looks good. She was not impressed that I was concerned for her health. I put her outside her brumation hideaway and gave her the choice to go back to sleep or stay out, warm up, and walk around. She went right back to sleep.

There is ice on the ground outside because we had a snow storm followed by sleet. Feeding the birds and squirrels, one of my winter pleasures, can be done by stepping only a short distance out back. There are flocks of birds who know they will find food here. And sometimes 10 squirrels at one time, with some little territorial disputes which are fun to see but get settled quickly. I love to watch them and am thankful I can provide food for them when there is not other food available to them now.

So it didn’t take much to catch up with my news, because there isn’t much news. Stay at home mostly, avoid the virus, don’t fall on ice, grow lettuce etc. See, I told you I’m boring now.

But writing a blog now has another purpose. In early February, it will be 12 years since this blog has been up and running. Sometimes blogging more, lately less, but I’ll keep posting sometimes as long as I have anything much to say. I’m thankful for the readers who follow along, a few of you for many of those 12 years. I hope you are all well and happy, maybe bored with winter too but still finding interesting things in each day. Today is what we have; have a good Today.

17 responses to “Anniversary update from a boring blogger

      • Is that why brumation is bad? It makes one boring? Geyri still looks scary, even while brumating. Inactivity is not obvious in a still picture. She still looks like she can attack at any moment.

      • Ha, she would chew you up and spit you out in little pieces. 😳 Brumation is boring cos we miss our little dinosaurs. Winter is boring cos……it’s winter. It has been unseasonably cold here for 3 weeks and I don’t understand how I took a trip to Siberia and never left the ground. 🥴

      • No, she would just go back into brumation. By the time she wakes up, she will not remember who I am. She still has to figure out how to get back from Siberia.

      • She’s not in Siberia, it’s 100 degrees where she lives. And I will remind her who you are. Hey, I’m going to get another reptile. One you will recognize. He won’t scare you because he’s a chuckwalla. 😉

      • WHAT?! They are scary too! They look like iguanas, and iguanas look just like Godzilla! I am not acquainted with them, but I saw one running down a road south of Palm Springs near Agua Caliente! It was scary on so many levels! I do not know what it was running after. There was nothing out there. It was likely just practicing looking scary. Maybe there was something scarier behind us. I did not turn around to look. It was running south, so might have been trying to get back home, within its natural range. I do not know if they are native to that particular area.

      • But he’s not scary, and I swear he smiles. Wait until you see him; you will not be scared of this one. Different color forms of them are in so many areas of the south west and some in southern CA and on two islands off the coast. I grow cactus for Geyri and they are doing so good. She doesn’t eat much, but people say chucks are eating machines. and he should like the cactus that come from where he does. I’ll tell him not to practice being scary, so you won’t be afraid. He already has a name so we’ll keep it. He is Chuckie.

      • Yea, there was a Chuckie in a movie who……wasn’t good….but he’s not like that. I’ll write a blog about him in a while and you can see how nice he smiles.🙂

  1. Glad to see your new post! I fully understand your point of view. Sometimes I wish I could go into hibernation for a few months. But to be honest, I shouldn’t complain because we had no snow this winter and I hope to keep it that way… 😉
    But hang in there, my friend, you’ll be posting about your garden soon! Stay safe and healthy and… warm!

    • We haven’t had much snow, no big ones. But for 3 weeks we have had really low temperatures, the kind where you don’t want to go outside at all. It males my tendency to hibernate even worse. Now my son and daughter in law both have the virus. 🥲 Oh it has been a long winter. You stay safe and healthy and happy, you and Jimi. 🤞

  2. This winter IS hard. My 90 year old aunt, our chicken egg lady, is in Claremont now. My 91 year old mom, her sister, is home with hospice visits and 24 hour nurse. I make the drive from Camp Hill to Lemoyne each day, grateful to still hold her hand. A Buddhist monk said “A great calamity has befallen my family. Our mother has died.” I know this is life but it’s so hard.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your mother and aunt. It is life but it is so hard. You want to keep them with you forever, but it can’t be that way. Most of my old relatives are already gone. I hope you can find peace with all of it. Sometimes peace is hard to find.

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