Fall comes…..Lammas and the harvest

 Lammas, the old pagan holiday of the festival of the corn was August 2.  It was the festival of wheat in the Celtic era, but however you view it, it is the time for harvest and that has always been a great cause for celebration.   Fall is a wonderful season,  if you don’t think ahead to the winter that’s coming after it.  I usually do, because I don’t like the cold, snow, ice and the responsibilities that come with all that.  I was born in the fall, so I should actually like it more than I do.

Fall in PA is a really pretty time of the year.  If you haven’t been to the east coast in the fall, you should come and see the leaves turn beautiful colors of red and orange.  We’ve had a good bit of rain this year, and if I remember my science, rain in the summer  means pretty colored leaves in the fall.  Something about the right amount of color in the leaves, but the rest of the science has left me, so maybe someone will comment and fix my bad memory.

In the end of August in Shippensburg we have the Corn Festival, 8/28 this year.  We are surrounded by corn fields and dairy farms here, so we have to celebrate our corn harvest! Our local corn is the best, or maybe I’m prejudiced. 

While you’re here looking at the moutains turning gorgeous colors, don’t forget to get some of our local red delcious apples.  Also the best!  Picked a few days ago when you eat them, not shipped some distance, and a tree tripened apple is the best.

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