First Energy Electric Company helps you save power


conservation of energy

And money! First Energy has a Home Energy Analyzer on their site, which asks you about your home and what electrical situations you have, and what appliances, etc.  The Analyzer is fun and easy to go thru and takes just a few minutes.  After you complete the analyzer, there is a large section of info available for you to go thru that tells you about how your energy is used: which appliances, etc., use more,  which use less, and suggests ways to save energy. 

Then there is also a lot of info about other ways to conserve energy all around your home.  For filling out the Energy Analyzer, they then send you a package in the mail, with energy-saving items.  2 night lights that will cost 25 cents a year to use, 2 very nice energy-efficient power strips, 4 energy-efficient flourescent bulbs, and aerators for your faucets. 

People who have First Energy as their electric supplier should check this out! Electric is about to go up in price, and this company wants you to save where you can.  Not many companies actually try to help their consumers!

Here is the site:

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  1. We as residential energy users need to make the biggest impact on energy use because we can as a whole affect the change. We have the opportunity now to make the change ; articles here are a useful resource Monitoring our Electricity Usage can significantly affect CO2 emissions. In fact research has shown that the average households produces the equivalent green house gas emissions as two family cars, in one year. Can you make the change? Let me know.

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