Meatless Monday


less meatBeing diabetic has caused me to think about food and health in lots of different ways.  I lost a husband to diabetes many years ago.  He had diabetes since he was 5, and that was back in the days when we didn’t  know nearly as much as we do about it now.  Tho I’m not afraid of it, I do have a serious respect for it.

My friends who are eating Vegan for a month are doing so well using their imagination and several in their family have lost some weight. They are great proof that people can change their lives and have healthier lives and diets. Lizzie’s blog is really interesting, and she also gives some recipes.

I can’t give up meat, cos I love it.  But knowing less meat is healthier than more meat, I have been eating smaller portions of all meat and seafood for months now.  Beef is a main love of mine, but I have cut it down to once or maybe 2x a week.  I eat more chicken, and lots more fish and shrimp.  I love it that one local store often puts frozen, raw shrimp on sale for half price!

I can take a few shrimp, or a small piece of chicken, and make a great meal adding some veggies, plus some herbs and maybe  fresh mushrooms. A lot of times I have brown rice with any of those things. Or make a great pot of soup with a small amount of ham or beef and veggies, and rice or barley, which I’ve come to love.  So, there ways to eat well with less meat.

One more thing I’m trying is having Meatless Mondays.  I found a great website with recipes, blogs and all sorts of good ideas.

I’ll be blogging about this more as I discover new ways to eat better with fewer calories and use the good carbs, and still eat well, cos I love to eat!

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