Ridiculous Concepts

Here’s another old lady rant about how things get so complicated that they no longer make sense.  I have a good  example right off the top of my head currently!

You can’t build a wall inside your own house in some boroughs without a building permit.  I recently learned that!  So, being the carpenter’s daughter, if I had the right tools, I could conceivably build a wall myself, (might not be a good wall) but no, and if I was married to a carpenter, he couldn’t build it either. It is my house, but………

A man who has done a lot of work for me is good with all types of fixing and construction.  He first told me I needed a permit to build a wall.  He has done electrical work for me and if you can trust a person to do electrical work, you are pretty much trusting him with everything.  He said this law was passed because so many contractors are ripping people off.  So, I’m careful  in who I choose to do things for me but that doesn’t matter.  I have to go places, fill out forms, and pay for permits, to protect myself from him.  Then, I have to have inspectors in to check on his work.

I don’t need protected, and didn’t want to go thru this process, but there are large fines for doing this type of construction without a permit, so we’ll follow the laws, but so many are getting SO ridiculous. 

I remember back when things were simple………..rant

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