MaChatte and the saga of the work table.

First she was a kitten.  She liked to lay on my work table while I made jewelry.  It was a big table, she was a small cat. In this picture, she had gotten a little bigger.

jewelry making

She likes to be involved in other parts of making  jewelry too, so I started calling her My Assistant. 

jewe;ry making


Then she got bigger, then full grown, and then she began to develop an attitude about whether she should be able to stretch out on the table, and why I might find that inconvenient.  Then sometimes she gave me “the LOOK.”


Lately, I’ve been getting ready for a jewelry show, and have a lot of stuff on the table.  So much so that I shouldn’t be showing off how messy it looks!  So now she’s bigger, the table has shrunk cos it’s covered with stuff, and today she thought she would stretch out and have a good ole snooze.


The problem with all this is that she gets upset cos I need the things she’s laying on, and bites me!  She thinks, I guess, that since she is The Assistant, she should have peace while she lays on the work table.  We’ve had some little arguments about this, but today I discovered a secret. 

She hates whistling, I guess it hurts her ears.  I’m not a whistler, but a few times I have whistled since I’ve  had her (or she has me, I guess….) and she stared at me like I was doing something awful, and took off the other direction!  So today, with work to do and a crowded table, I decided to whistle, to see what would happen.  It works like a charm!  No hard feelings, no argument. She just got up, gave me The LOOK, and got down and went to nap somewhere else.

Sometimes it pays to keep things simple.  This is a wonderful cat.

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