Another great March to Destiny!

civial war

The North and South again went together on the street in Shippensburg yesterday, re-enacting a small skirmish that actually happened here so many years ago.  Shippensburg was occupied by Confederate troops for 7 days during the Civil War.  Those troops were originally under orders to go to Harrisburg, but the plans changed then, and they went instead to Gettysburg, by way of Chambersburg.

The March to Destiny organization,  works hard each year to bring this great event to our town.  Their intent is to keep Shippensburg’s role in the Civil War alive.  The event does that, as well as providing an educational and very fun event for the town and all visitors on the last weekend in June each year.

I always like to walk around in the village behind the Library.  I’m usually on my way to help out at Shippensburg Historical Society,  The village is a fascinating place and behind the village you can find the Union camp.  I enjoyed a good hamburger while I sat and watched the activities going on all around me.  I strolled around for a while and even took a ride in a beautiful horse-drawn carriage.  Here are some random pictures I took as I walked among history.

carriage ride

Union campDyunion army

During the street skirmish , the Confederacy pushed the Union back on King street, leaving dead behind, as guns blazed, smoke filled the air and a canon was shot several times.

civil war

civil war

civil war

civil war

We are proud of our local history in this area, and welcome visitors to come to visit us and learn about all that happened here in the past.  March to Destiny is something you should plan ahead for for next year!

Shippensburg Historical Society   is open to the public Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, 1-4, except holidays.  Much information is available there for research, genealogy, or just to tour one of the oldest buildings in Shippensburg.  Also, check out our Facebook page, for upcoming events and announcements.

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