Pizza in a Pot: a Community Sustainability Project

A wonderful project is happening in Shippensburg, Pa.  Lizzie Bailey and  the Cumberland Valley Grange wanted to do a project that will help local people learn to grow some of their own food.  To teach  people to understand how to grow a portion of their own food is a great step toward sustainability, one tomato and pepper plant at a time.  The project was geared toward  people who participate with  King’s Kettle in Shippensburg, Pa.

The Grange members working on this project had lots of help, and it is a big project!  Linda Secrest, Master Gardener from Franklin County Extension Office, came to teach people about the plants and how to handle and grow them.  Kelly Bier,  Shippensburg High School Ag Teacher and FFA advisor, and several of the students from FFA helped get things ready and set up to plant.



Each person who participated got two large pots, and soil and fertilizer to prepare for planting.  FFA members brought the plants around to each person while Linda Secrest gave information about the plants themselves, how to plant them and how to help them to grow once people got them home.  Participants got lots of good Pizza in a Pot ingredients to grow:  a tomato, a bell pepper, oregano, onion sets and lettuce seeds.   They had the project so thoroughly thought out that they even gave participants a stake for the tomato and a cord to tie it up.  Plus gloves for planting without  messy hands.

Pizza in a Pot

The project was held at Memorial Park in Shippensburg 5/12/12, and will be held again next Saturday, 5/19/12.  People need to register ahead of time so they  know how many people to expect.  Call Lizzie at 717-530-8000.

The Grange received a grant from Carlisle Area Health and Wellness Foundation to help to fund the project.  Here is video about the project and the grant:,AAAAAGFQaVo~,QOAniHwBHK5e28gcCeroIYJwMsoSfbso&bclid=1780606382&bctid=1622110051001

Many thanks to all the people who worked so hard to prepare and carry out this wonderful community project!  Some people who  participated have done gardening before; some hadn’t.  They will all  now be able to watch their own little garden grow, and know the joy of planting something, helping it along, and then getting eat something they grew  themselves.  Things you grow yourself always taste better!


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