Chickens in Shippensburg!

green living

Many people are interested in greener living, more sustainable living, healthier living.  People are interested in going back to some basics: more people are growing their own food, looking for more natural meat without chemicals, preserving healthy food in ways that don’t require so many chemicals.

Being the old hippie, I’m in to all that, since it’s a healthier way to live.  I have found several farms within 5 miles of me where I can buy natural beef, chicken  and also eggs.  Now, the Boro Council of Shippensburg tonight passed an ordinance allowing Boro residents to have 3 chickens.

This was an effort of a lot of responsible citizens to speak to the issue and a great effort on the part of the Boro Council to write an easily enforceable ordinance that allows for the chickens in the Boro as well as making the keeping of chickens not be a problem to those who don’t want to have any of their own.

The code specifies the size of the coop, how far it can be from a neighboring property line, how the waste must be handled, and other provisions that protect other Boro citizens.  We can have 3 hens, no roosters, and may not make a business of the chickens: not selling any chickens or eggs.

This is a huge positive move to allow Boro residents to move  forward with  their ideas about sustainability, healthy living and healthy eating. Our world is becoming more commercial, more superficial, and moving at a pace that is not necessarily good for us.  This commendable move by our Boro shows that Shippensburg understands that some old freedoms must remain in place, and shows respect for the people here who want to live a better life. Thank you, Boro Council!

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