Snow day…and hungry animals


The Sweet Annie keeps it’s wonderful smell even in the snow.  Even tho it’s brown and dried, I always let some stand till spring just for that smell.

We have snow, enough for me already.  We have had a week of brutal cold temps and wind, and the animals outside have trouble finding food.  When it’s really windy, even the squirrels and possums stay holed up in their little homes cos the  sound of the wind makes it hard for them to tell what’s going on around them.  Maybe that sound is a predator……….?

I found a bird feeder years ago that the squirrels can’t destroy, since it’s made of metal. Really squirrel proof!  So the birds get some food from the feeder, and some on the ground, which squirrels also get some of.  There’s more food for the squirrels all around tho, so it’s good the birds get some just for themselves.


The bamboo forest always looks so neat in the snow.


Winter has some good parts even tho I don’t like it much.  I’m getting too old for the cold.  The snow is pretty tho, as long as we remember to give some extra TLC to the little critters outside.

But I still won’t mind if spring comes early………….

4 responses to “Snow day…and hungry animals

    • They destroyed several nice wood ones before I found this. They can’t get the seed out either….the distance between the cage and the seed holes is longer than their little arms are, lol. This way, everybody gets to eat, since the squirrels can get seeds from the ground. They do jump up and tear into the suet block tho, sometimes hanging upside down and always driving MaChatte crazy! Good luck finding one of these.

  1. Looks like a great feeder. Unfortunately I have taken to simply doling out the food twice a day. So far the squirrels have at least stayed away from the suet.

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