Why do cats want to do this?

cat in the bed

Every cat I have ever had liked to get on the bed while I was making it up.  And stay there, under the sheets for a while.  And some of them were cats that wouldn’t tolerate being covered up in any other way.

Cat thoughts are one of the world’s great mysteries.  If only we knew what they were thinking………..

6 responses to “Why do cats want to do this?

  1. One of my cats does this and gets himself all tangled up. When he gets loose he gives me a dirty look like I forced him in there! I’m not sure I want to know what my cats think! lol

  2. I’ve had cats my whole life and have wondered the same thing many a time. right now we have three cats, two old ones and a young one, they are big pieces of our family. i like how you think…

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