MaChatte says…………


MaChatte has a friend in need of some help.  Well, he’s an online friend, from Europe, but friends are friends!  This poor fella fell off his humans’ boat some time ago, and was all coated with salt water.  His Mum had to wash him all off so the salt water wouldn’t make him sick.

Now he has developed a plan to get an inflatable life jacket in case he falls into the water again. He needs lots of  “likes” on his Face Book post about this   He has a regular life jacket, but this inflatable one would be better.  He would like other fur balls and their humans to Like his FB post.  Maybe some of our readers will do that for him!  Thanks in advance if you do.

Here’s the link to the post, for you to read and Like.  You might also want to follow his blog, cos he is quite the cat, and has some amazing adventures. He is learning about sailing so he can help out when the humans get to go sailing for longer periods of time, which they hope will be soon.  Until then, they all  spend some weekends and holidays on the boat together.

MaChatte wanted me to write this cos she likes Bailey a lot.  She’s not brave enough to go out on a boat, but he is!  He needs a lot of likes.

5 responses to “MaChatte says…………

  1. Oh thank you so so very much! You guys are pawesome and the best friends a boat cat could ever wish for! You’ve made my day! extra big bisous Bailey

  2. Thanks for the head’s up on this! My cats and I are not on Facebook so I can’t like it there but we are following the blog. 😀

    • He’s a gorgeous cat, and the way he “writes” his own blog is just so well done. Interesting adventures, most are not awful, like falling in the marina, lol. His humans are neat people.

    • It’s nice for you to try to add some likes to his competition. It’s a neat blog he “writes”.

      As for yourself, happy growing….soon!

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