MaChatte’s new game

cat games

We play a game called This One.  Let’s get This One, here’s This One, etc.  What This One is,  is a ring off a milk jug.  When you screw the cap off, the ring that is left on the bottle can be removed.  I throw This One across the kitchen floor, and back into the next room, and she runs and gets This One and scoots it across the smooth floor.  She gets quite worked up when we play This One.  This One often goes under the edges of throw rugs in the kitchen, and she runs and slides the whole rug a ways trying to get This One out from under the rug.

cat simple peasures

She likes it when This One gets near this mat, cos This One can go under the edge.  And she goes under sometimes too…………..

cat games

Cats understand simple pleasures.  We need to be more like cats sometimes.

10 responses to “MaChatte’s new game

  1. Yes, the simple things…. like when you spend a fortune on a cat toy and your cat is more interested in the box it came in… I learned that lesson a LONG time ago!

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