Grafted cherry tree

sour cherries

There is an old cherry tree in the yard that used to be half white and half pink flowers.  Some of the grafted part has died out over the years and now there’s just a little part of the flowers are pink.  It’s still pretty neat having a tree with two colors of flowers tho.

It used to get lots of cherries, sour ones, and a couple years ago my friend across the alley collected some and made pies.  Then the last couple years there were less flowers and less cherries.  Last year there were almost no cherries,  just some little hard nubs instead.  The birds wouldn’t even eat them!

Having had to take down two other mature tress in the last few years due to age and disease, I asked the guy from my tree company to look at this tree last fall.  He mentioned a disease which I’ve forgotten the name of,  but he said the tree is essentially healthy and this disease is very treatable.  He recommended two spraying treatments  of the tree this spring and he said there should be lots of cherries then.  So, the birds will love it, and Lizzie, you’d better scurry to get cherries when they form, lol.

tree treatments

It’s still too cold here, and we had a frost warning last night that made me put potted tomatoes in the garage for the night.  But some stuff is ok with some cold, like some collards that were transplanted into the ground after being raised in the house.

collard greens

There’s collards and cabbage transplants both inside the rabbit fence, and so far, no rabbits, she said, as she knocked on wood.  These plants might  not be big enough to tempt them yet tho………so more news to come!

Happy Spring!

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