What’s growing on in your garden?


My gardening is small, but there’s a lot going on.  There are day lilies just for color.  I know you can eat the flowers but I never have.

sweet peppers

There are some sweet cherry peppers coming along.

pole beans

Lots of green beans flowering.


Lots of Roma plum tomatoes coming, plus lots of cherry tomatoes and some Beefsteaks.


A few heads of cabbage, and some worms.  I guess there’s room for everybody, tho they do have one just about wiped out.

And there are still a few late planted collards just holding on but no longer growing, and I think the heat this week might wipe them out.  And chilies, and jalapenos and lots of herbs, which seem to be able to take whatever mother nature dishes out.

Now I’m starting to hoe up some areas where collards were, and I’ll hoe compost down into that ground, to get ready to plant more collards and cabbage late in August.

Whatever you’re growing, good luck with it!


6 responses to “What’s growing on in your garden?

  1. Some of them might = salsa, cos salsa is a good thing! Quite a few will be dehydrated and = good soups in the winter too. And stewed tomatoes, and spaghetti sauce……..I really like to grow things. And eat the things I grew.

  2. Your garden looks great! The day lily capture is gorgeous! I only have a patio so my garden is in a few containers. I’m growing Provence lavender, Greek oregano, orange patio roses, and pink miniature snapdragons. All are doing well so far. 🙂

  3. Jackie thanks! A compliment from a great photographer like you is a big one. Your little garden sounds very pretty and would smell very good too.

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