Neat things happening in the yard!

salad bird

Out on the bird feeder was a gold finch, and I raced for the camera!  These are around this area all the time, but not so much in town as out in the country.  We probably see just one or two in town in a summer’s time.  There were two of these.

salad bird

I was talking to them which of course they didn’t hear, saying: stay there till I get pictures!   And they did, and stayed around a few minutes after that, on the ground and in the cherry tree.  It would be so neat to have them nest around here and get to see them more often.

There’s another pair of birds who are definitely nesting in the yard.  Below is a picture of an old silver maple that’s been pretty well hacked up over the years, but still seems ok.  In the top of one of the trimmed branches is the hole of a red headed woodpecker.

silver maple

I took one of the pictures thru a program to add more light so the hole can be seen more clearly.

red headed woodpecker

The woodpeckers fly out of there sometimes when I’m up in the yard, and I’ve seen them enough times to know that they are nesting in that hole for sure.

Squirrels, chip monks, possums, groundhogs, all kinds of birds, there is a lot of wonderful wildlife here.  Oh yea, the occasional skunk, which we could do without  but everybody’s gotta live somewhere!   We are in town, but there’s a woods behind the house that helps to attract animals that sometimes don’t live right in towns much.  It’s lovely to share my world with them.

11 responses to “Neat things happening in the yard!

  1. It’s the only really squirrel-proof feeder I’ve ever been able to find. Bless their hearts, their little arms don’t reach in there, lol!

  2. The colour of the bird is a good sight for sore eyes when everything else around is grey. You are lucky you have some wildlife right outside your door.

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