Green beans galore!

climbing green beans

The green beans on the pyramid trellis are doing great!  I go each day and see if there are any winders looking for places to cling to and teach them the way up, lol.    Several plants had bloomed way early and I’ve picked off a few beans to throw into some rice dishes. Now lots of them are starting to bloom and there should soon be green beans all over the place!  This shape of trellis is nice cos you can look thru one side to see beans hiding on another side.  My son bought me the expandable trellis, but I’ve seen several pictures on other blogs where people made the same type of arrangement with bamboo poles.

Green beans are not hard to grow.  They are also a healthy veggie and especially when you grew them yourself, knew what kind of beans they were (not GMO) and know they were not sprayed with pesticides, etc.

Here’s an earlier blog I had written about the fun of green beans.   Once they get started, they also grow quickly and produce quickly.  The other blog was written on 6/12, and look what has happened in just 17 days.

pole beans

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