Dehydrating carrots and other good things

carrots for dehydrating

5 pounds of carrots before…………..

dehydrating food

………..and after.  Took almost 8 hours, cos this was a lot of carrots.

I’ve also done a batch of carrots and celery mixed, and some collards.

Veggies should be blanched for about 2 minutes before dehydrating.  I was taught a neat trick about after.  If you always put the veggies in a plastic bag for a few hours after they’re dehydrated, you can tell whether you got all the moisture out of them.  If any moisture collects inside the bag, they aren’t dry enough.  You can see moisture inside a plastic bag easier than you could if you put things in any other kind of container.  So, a few hours in the bag, check it out carefully, then  into the containers you will store them in.  In a cool and dark place.

I didn’t grow these.  Wish I could grow some, but my ground here isn’t good for root veggies.

8 responses to “Dehydrating carrots and other good things

  1. Oh yea, I’ll do more celery and then tomatoes will be good I hope. And I also raise and dry hot peppers of several kinds. A pot of soup crammed full of good veggies will warm up your winter nights!

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