Out of denial, and into the cold……..


Time to tear down the tomato plants.  Yea.  The frost has cut everything off now, the cherry tree has lost all its leaves, annual things are done and perennial things have gone to rest.  There’s work to do out in the yard cleaning things up.

Time to start eating some of the foods I dehydrated and making some good hearty soup, and maintain good health by   getting some exercise some ways other than working in the yard.

MaChatte doesn’t have her two favorite upstairs back windows open any more, to be able to look out and hear and smell the outside smells. Poor girl has to resorts to winter pursuits, like a new box we got the other day.  Each new box is an adventure, and must be explored, or laid in, or sometimes we put toys in them.  She doesn’t even really want to go out any more now, cos the ground is cold on little feet. In the spring  I’ll surprise her one warm day by asking her  if she wants to go out,  her magic word.

cat in the house

Spring will be a while but it’ll be along then.  And I’ve already got seeds to try for some things I haven’t grown before, like some Lima beans that are supposed to get 10′ tall.  I’ll cut bamboo for a special trellis for them.

In a while, the bamboo will look like this again.


9 responses to “Out of denial, and into the cold……..

  1. There is a whisper of winter in the evenings and mornings that speaks of things to come. I like the cooler seasons – they help me appreciate the warmer seasons. 😀

    • Oh Jackie that is as beautiful as some of your photos! I can appreciate the warmer seasons without the winter comparison, but I haven’t moved out of PA yet, so I take what mother nature dishes out, lol.

      • Thank you! I hear what you’re saying. I think all of us no matter where we are have to take what nature dishes out. Look at the Midwest right now – they are getting pummeled!

      • Yea, you’re right. I complain about our winters but if we can hack the cold, we actually have it pretty good here, compared to some big issues other parts of the country have had lately. I’ve stayed for 65 years, so I guess I’m well rooted, lol.

  2. Been a long time since I had to think about winter coming… that box certainly looks worth investigating…

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