Best sign of spring

early crocus

My little teeny crocus are up out behind the house.   The smallest crocus I’ve ever seen, and the earliest flower ever here.  I’ve seen them snowed on on occasion, but I hope not this year! Once these appear, spring can’t be far away.  This being the last full day of winter before the spring equinox, I hope it won’t be far at all.

7 responses to “Best sign of spring

  1. Isn’t it rather amazing that something so small, can bring such large hope? At least it does for me. Yours is beautiful! And would more than one crocus be croci?

    • I struggled a little with crocuses, but maybe the singular and plural are both crocus, or maybe croci, lol! These are a sign of hope, after any winter, but especially a bad one, that spring will be soon, cos the croci know what they’re doing. Course so do the robins who came here almost a month ago, in snow and bad cold. I hope your weather is really good and you’re out there digging in your dirt!

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