The squirrel score, and what a surprise

flying squirrel

There was another time when the trap was sprung and no squirrel, and no cracker that time.  Days in between with no activity at all.  So a couple days ago  I thought I’d outsmart this thing, and put the peanut butter right on the bait plate.  I’ll get you!  Checking the trap each morning, tho I wasn’t hearing anything………

Ah Ha!  This morning I had a strange creature in the trap.  Not a chipmunk, no stripes.  Small, but not a young gray squirrel, odd markings.  Brown stripe along the under side of the belly.  I didn’t know what I was looking at at first…… was aware that we have flying squirrels here, but had never seen one up close to know what they really look like. But I know they are the only other kind of squirrel that lives in this area. What are the chances of this being in my attic when I’ve never even seen any flying around here?  But it had to be a flying squirrel. I have seen them at  a  campground I used to go to away from here, flying (well, soaring, not actual flight) thru the trees.  But in living here so many years and having some maple trees and oak trees near the house, I’ve never seen one here.  Till today, INside.

Research quickly showed  it’s a flying squirrel, and as my smart son said, there are probably more.  They are smaller than grey squirrels which explains why the one small place I saw they could come in, a small  gap along a roof eave,  would be easier for an animal this size.   These are nocturnal, and grey squirrels only move around in the day time.  That explains only ever hearing it at night, and they’ve heard something in their attic on the other side of the house at night sometimes lately too.

Now I’ve read that they’re endangered in Pennsylvania, cos we’re removing their forests.  I would never use poison even for a pest in the house like a mouse, cos I don’t kill things.  Just get out of my house!  Live trapping will continue.  There are most likely more.  I read that the spring  breeding has probably already occurred and they will all leave an attic once the babies are old enough. Yes, there are that many on line articles about flying squirrels in attics, lol. Then you need to make sure an entry way is closed before the fall breeding, in case the same adults are still alive and looking for a winter home.  You can learn a lot on the internet, more than I ever really wanted to know about flying squirrels.

So, we have an attic problem on both sides of the house and need to fix whatever problem it is.  We can’t see where these things could cross from one side of the attic to the other, but evidently squirrels are smarter than people.

It lives up in the woods now, and I’m going to reset the trap. Hopefully it’ll stay up there.  I didn’t have the heart to take it down town to where I planned, cos this is a flying squirrel and there aren’t many trees there. A grey squirrel could find his way there, but this little guy, in the daytime when it’s a nocturnal animal, maybe not.  I’m a softie and lover of all nature, but would you guys please get out of my house!

PS.  Reading more on line articles, this was most likely an adult female southern flying squirrel.  There are both northern and southern kinds in this area, but the northern ones are bigger and live in pine areas.  There aren’t pine trees here.  By the sizes I read about, an adult would be about the size of a chip monk. And looking her over in the trap, I saw this to be a female or undeveloped male, and the size said adult female.  And articles said that if you have squirrels in the attic, they are most likely flying squirrels. Yes, you can learn a lot on the internet!

12 responses to “The squirrel score, and what a surprise

    • Yes it will, until any more that are in here will either leave on their own, or get trapped and removed. Now that I know that these will actually live in an attic, I can’t close up the place I think they’re coming in till I’m sure there are no more. It’s a big difference understanding these particular squirrels and I don’t want to trap them inside.

    • Well the articles seem to agree with what my son had said before…….there could be several. The trap is set and I’ll check again every day. Yes, the squirrel family or whoever all they are need to leave the building, lol.

    • Yes they sure are. They, like other animals, know things we never will. Most of these are obviously smarter than me, so far…….. 🙂 Unless there was only one. I can hope.

  1. Where are you? I have uninvited guests in my attic, but I’m pretty sure we don’t have flying squirrels where I live. My handy guy is thinking packrats. Like you, we’re trying to figure out when to close up the entrances, without trapping babies inside.

      • After I wrote that, I looked it up, and it turns out we have flying squirrels here in Kansas, too. That’s cool, I’ve never seen one. Still, I think packrats are much more common here, and a more likely culprit in this case.

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