The silver maple is still trying……

maple tree

Last fall I wrote about a tree perservering even tho one might not expect it to.  I had to have the tree cut down, and then it sent shoots up from the trunk, which is apparently alive although it was diseased and would have soon collapsed on its own.

We had the worst kind of Pa winter here:  the kind of sustained cold and ice and snow that will sometimes kill perennial plants that normally live thru our winters.  This was the winter that wouldn’t go away, and I’ve been out looking at things that should liven up each spring, hoping they all do.

So above is the old tree trunk, with the new growth from last year, a picture I just took today.  Below is a picture of new shoots coming out on that new growth, and the tree is trying to continue to grow.

silver maple



The old trunk is serving a purpose of providing food for other forms of life:  bugs are eating the wood, and I often see a Carolina wren down in the hole in the center, looking for bugs and grubs.  Sometimes chipmunks come and go from down in the hole also.  So it is slowly being eaten up, yet still trying to grow back up to be a tree.  I’ll let the process alone and let everything be whatever  it is.

8 responses to “The silver maple is still trying……

    • I’ll post about it again later Jackie. Also, I had a black walnut sapling that a squirrel had “planted” in a plastic pot last spring, and I put that in the ground then. No shoots on it yet, but the big black walnut tree isn’t showing shoots yet either. I’ll blog about that again once it gets going…I hope it gets going. Everything deserves a chance if we can give it.

    • Nope, we are not in charge here! Once presented with this tho, I’ll sure let it be and see what happens. Have a good week, hopefully good gardening!

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