8 responses to “A good morning harvest

  1. Don’t know about my garden but hey, I can use some tomato sauce for my freezer too… 😉

    • Mmmm, there’s that logistical problem with it being frozen but thawed before you’d get it. Other than that I’d be happy to share with you and Mr. Bowie!

  2. Isn’t it funny how we see the veggies we grow as beautiful, picture-worthy specimens? I can’t imagine wanting to take pics of the produce at the grocery store. It’s that connection with the earth that does it I think. We’re not connected in that way to the grocery store fare.

    • No, nobody wants pix of those cos we didn’t grow them. And everybody wants to share pix of the neat stuff we did grow, like an online diary of “look what I grew!” It’s a thing to be proud of, and to give encouragement to others. And tips and lessons learned, as well, so we can all help each other grow on more! I hope yours is still doing well, with lots of things to pack away for winter.

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