The garden is benefiting from lots of rain

Straight 8 cucumbers

It rained an enormous amount over the last several weeks and things are benefiting from it.  I discovered 2 nice sized cucumbers when I was just out poking around, thinking none were very big yet.  I just ate half of that big one and it was sooo good.

We have lots of tomatoes coming, Romas and Beefsteaks, little yellow plums, and then DIL Eliza’s little purple grape sized ones, called Blue Indigo berries.  They will be all purple when they’re ripe. I’ll be making some interesting tomato sauce later in the summer.

Blue Indigo berries

There are flowers on almost the beans: green beans, Limas, black eyed peas, black turtle beans and a few kidneys.  (I love to grow beans, and eat them, cos beans are good food. Lots of them will be eaten fresh, and some dried or frozen for soup and other recipes in the winter.)  The Hopi orange Limas were planted a little later, and are now climbing their tee pee, up about 5′. Eliza’s purple yard long beans are slow starters, and we didn’t have any idea what to expect from those, but they are just now starting to wind on the trellis.  Much more about them and the Hopi Limas later. It’s so much fun to grow things that are as unusual as they both are.

There’s lots of peppers too, green and purple bells, green jalapenos, and several hot chili pepper plants. The chilies  will be red when they’re ready to eat.

hot peppers

One of the most interesting things in the garden is another purple thing.  (My DIL really likes purple, and she has added to my gardening experience this year by finding seeds for some things I never even knew existed.)  We have 3 purple jalapenos. Really, purple, with purple flowers too. They are just wild to look at; they mess with your brain!

purple peppers

It’s a very colorful garden, going crazy and producing stuff all around.  Green stuff, lots of it, red Swiss chard and  chilies that will turn red, lots of nice tomatoes to turn red, purple stuff all around, pretty white and yellow flowers on different things; the blessings of the earth are all around here. It’s a balancing force in life to be able to grow food.


12 responses to “The garden is benefiting from lots of rain

    • We are Jackie! I picked Swiss chard and a small zucchini and feel a make it up as you go supper coming up tonight. With some cheese, of course……… Have a good holiday weekend!

  1. Your pictures are sooo clear and good! Are you using a great camera? I’m just using my phone camera, but thinking maybe I should go back to my digital cam. Anyway, purple jalapenos are growing in my garden too, and boy howdy, are they hot! Just sayin’… thanks for the update!

    • Thanks, no I’ve been using my phone camera and it does get pretty good shots but nothing up close. You have purple jalapenos, yeaaa! Here I was gonna surprise you and send you some of them when I send the purple Thai long bean seeds. They really are slow starters; 3 are now finally starting to wind the pole, where Limas are half way up already and the green beans are starting across the top. Maybe I can surprise you with something else……… 🙂

  2. It has rained a lot this summer, which the river birch trees have greatly appreciated. By July, their are usually a few things burning up in the heat of the sun. But this year, with so much rain, most everything is still green.

    • Our time of lots of rain has ended now and we’ve gotten the July heat. It was like a rain forest here for a while and now we’ll need garden hose water for our veggies for a while, but that’s ok, cos the bounty can continue.

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