How to spend a hot summer day


black cat

She knows  to stay downstairs, cos the upstairs is much warmer in a long skinny house that has the long side facing east.  We have a heat advisory today, with dangerously high temps and humidity.

I know to get outside stuff done early.  Like picking veggies at 8AM.  Little sugar baby cherry tomatoes, a jalapeno, some collard leaves (the jalapeno goes with them for supper) and several nice cukes, enough to share when I go to a  meeting later.

Summer is good.  Even the stinky hot days.


12 responses to “How to spend a hot summer day

  1. Same here Nancy. We did our daily walk at 8 AM to beat the heat. Cooking and music practice inside after church and a nap, then some late gardening after it cools off again. Enjoy your day-stay cool !

  2. It’s hot and humid here, too. July tends to be like that in MN and I sort of like it. I get up early, work a bit feeding the sheep fresh cut grass, letting the chickens out to forage, walking the dog. Then I walk around the gardens pulling the worst weeds as I go along. Meanwhile, there is a pot of tea on the stove on the lowest setting (like a candle). When I get back inside the tea is done and breakfast starts

    I just finished pulling another row of garlic and more weeds, and turned some soil. Now it’s break time and then back out to thin plants for a little while.

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