I have an attack cat!

guard cat

She looks pretty calm sitting there, right?  She sits there or on the end of the couch  mornings when I’m around here and  see her….waiting…………

A couple months ago I heard a strange sound coming from the living room and went to investigate.  What is that sound…….well it was my guard cat, attack cat, up on her hind legs, hissing and scratching at the glass at the side of the picture window.  3′ away from the side of the window, outside, is the mail box, hanging on the wall.

She tries to get the mailman, lol!  I’ve seen and heard it quite a few times since and it’s a violent thing.  If she could get him he’d be all scratched up!

I went out and talked to him this morning to ask if he’s impressed with that, and he said he sure is!  He’s glad there is glass between him and her.  He asked whether I just got this cat, cos he’s been on my route for 3 years and this just started in the last couple months.  He asked why she’d be just starting to do it now.

No, I’ve had her for seven years.  And I could never begin to explain or even understand anything that this cat does, this, the most unusual cat I’ve ever had.

This innocent looking little girl, trying to annihilate  the mail man?  Yes.  That’s MaChatte.


11 responses to “I have an attack cat!

    • Yea, she thinks she’s the alpha cat here, but I’m still the one who can get in the car and bring home her good stuff. I’m so well trained…maybe I’m not the alpha after all, lol.

  1. You never know about cats, or other animals domestic or otherwise. They have there own set of rules and sometimes you are not completely aware of them until something bothers them. Worse of all is that no two are the same.

    • This one is definitely not like any other that I’ve had! The biggest personality that I’ve known in a cat. Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

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