Fired up? Ready to go?



That’s one of President Obama’s favorite sayings.  I’m fired up, cos I heard on tv last night the percentage of Americans who voted in this very crucial election.  It’s a sad state of affairs to say that the number was 46%.  Less than half of our citizens chose to go have a say in the election of our next leader.  There are people in countries around the world who would love to have a say in the running of their government. Our government gives us that right and less than half of us chose to take advantage of it. If you didn’t exercise your right to vote, whichever candidate you favored, you should think about how much you care about your own future, cos it is that important.

I’m just a little old lady who is fired up cos so many of our citizens didn’t choose to vote for their own futures, and mine.

So if you didn’t vote…..  Didn’t have time?  What could have been more important at such a time.  Had to work?  Most people do, but get there anyway, before or after.  Didn’t have a ride?  Many people walked, at quite a distance, since they knew it was so important. And people all over the country were offering to take voters to the polls, if they didn’t have a friend or relative who could take them. Didn’t feel like standing in the line?  People who knew this was the most important thing they could do today were willing to stand in line, for hours, if necessary.  Didn’t like either candidate?  Well you were going to get one of them, like it or not.  Thought your vote didn’t matter? President Obama was elected by as little as 2 votes in some precincts in 2012. I bet there are more reasons, but looking back, I hope you have decided that your reasons weren’t really good ones.

The picture above isn’t a picture that I took; I got it from the White House twitter page.  It represents the freedoms we have in our country as much as our flag does.  We get to choose who rules in the White House, and who joins the leaders of the world in making decisions that affect the whole world. That person also decides, with the legislature, everyday things that are so important in all of our lives.

Your future was in your hands. So, if you didn’t vote, I’m a little old lady who’s here to say: shame on you.


8 responses to “Fired up? Ready to go?

  1. The reason popular vote does not win an election is because the population in each state is different

    Which would give states like California and New York the decision makers in every election just because of the amount of people that live in those states

    Millions of people live in those states versing smaller states like Vermont or Maine that have smaller populations

    Hillary only won 20 states but they were states with large populations

    Trump won the rest of the states the majority

    The electoral college levels the playing field so it’s fair for each state and each voter

    You may not realize it now but the right person was elected

    The American people fought and won against Globalism

    As far as the protesters

    They are funded by

    Paid for by George Soros Hillary Clinton’s top money man

    Bused in to cause trouble in cities they don’t live in

    The signs the protesters have are professionally made and cost a lot of money which college kids don’t have

  2. Actually, the real reason for the Electoral College is that the Founding Fathers were afraid that the populous was not smart enough to choose the right person. Keep in mind, this is a bunch of men 240 years ago before women even had the right to vote. Much of the population was illiterate and this was a concern that men would not get the right information to make an intelligent vote. This thinking is no longer relevant in today’s society. Bush did not get the popular vote and won. We know what happened there…but at least he was a decent man. Now trump does the same thing and will make bush look like the smartest kid in the class before it’s over. If we are truly a country “for the people, of the people and by the people” this is not the way it’s turning out. The Founding Fathers knew that what they were writing was good for the time but probably would not be good for ALL time. That’s why they left room for amendments and many have been added. This is a new day and age and this election is one more example that the thinking of then does not fit the circumstance of today. Of course, since this in modern times has not happened to anyone other than allowing the repubs to get in, there is no way it’s going to change. Whether you like it or not….people and not a handful should make this decision as they have, Repubs and Tea Partiers for years have talked about how we should be listening to the voice of the people and now, the people have spoken and they suddenly are no longer thinking this is the way it should be. More hypocrisy in government and it seems that most is coming from the right….which is wrong. Now again. The one thing Dems can hold up is the fact that there are more of them against trump than for him. And that will not change. He remains the elected resident of the White House but not the elected president in DC.

  3. I’m another little old lady who is also telling those who did not vote shame on you. Don’t throw away your right to vote by not exercising that right. No one knows if we elected a good president or a bad president until history itself tell us which.

    • It will tell us. I read a while ago that this was the lowest turnout in 20 years. I just don’t understand why people don’t want to have a say.

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