Spring is springing


We had a warm spell in February, then back to normal Pa temps.  Now it looks like spring is really coming. Chives are up, and parsley. Some others herbs that just go dormant like savory and oregano are looking good.

Last year I wrote about our groundhog (thief!) who had come to live under the garage, and his love for tomatoes and parsley.  https://sarasinart.net/2016/09/06/we-have-a-thief-in-the-garden/  I haven’t seen Wilbur yet this year, so maybe he moved on after all.  I wouldn’t think he’d still be asleep now with our nights of 45-ish and days around 60.  But he hasn’t been around the herb bed, and I can tell that cos I still have parsley.  Last fall he had shown me how much he likes parsley by sitting in the herb bed holding a bunch of it and munching, while looking around to see if anybody was near.


I had to fix some issues with the bean pergola, but it’s ok now, and I put some Tibetan prayer flags on the top, cos, well, we can use all the help we can get.  That is always the case, but maybe more so this year.  With climate change being what it is becoming, they are predicting that we may have the hottest summer on record.  And we didn’t have nearly enough snow over the winter to supply our reservoirs.

Plus, our government has now pretty much dismantled a lot of the functions of the EPA, and that will affect our climate, and climate change, in so many ways.  I believe that, and if you don’t, please go out and search out more info about it. They’re also working on allowing some pesticides that were banned years ago, and that could eventually be disastrous in various ways.  Thus ends my only political statement for today.  😦

bean Pergola

Today I planted some seeds for various tomatoes and hot peppers, and a couple collards.  I use heirloom seeds and can’t go to the local stores and buy the things I grow. Heirloom seeds, there’s another item for people to research if they aren’t familiar, and one of my frequent soap box issues, as some of you know.

I’ll have to start them in the house to get them to germinate at about 70 degrees, and after they do, I’ll put them in the little hoop house my son got me a couple years ago.  If we get any more really cold nights, I’ll bring them inside for the night. (It only looks crooked, cos it’s sitting on a slant.)


Other things: various beans, various squash, and cucumbers will get planted directly in the ground once our safe date of 5/15 is here. Grandma, I still follow your rules, rest your soul. Having such a hot summer possibly coming might change our safe date, but for now, the rule stands cos it always worked so far.

Laissez le bon temps rouler.  We can hope……….. peace to all and good gardening to all of you that do.  🙂

5 responses to “Spring is springing

  1. As you already know, I agree with you about what the government is doing to destroy the planet for a profit. That’s it for my political thoughts here. I prefer to use Facebook as my soapbox. 😉

    It’s so good to see your gardening posts again. I learn so much from them. I’m hoping I have better luck with wildflowers this year. Last year was a disaster. I have decided to plant different types of milkweed in addition to the native wildflowers I usually plant. It’s usually safe to plant the seeds at the end of April.

    • It’s only just beginning Herman, but hopefully the work will give me lots of good stuff as we go. Working with the magic of the earth is great therapy any time, but especially now when our lives are surrounded by all kinds of crazy.

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