The cold of the winter


Now in December we rest and wait for the light to return.  We had a beautiful super moon and my camera wouldn’t take a good picture. But while I was out there roaming around, I took this interesting shot of the moon shining thru tree branches on the house, with my little Yule tree in the window.  Kind of eerie and cheery at the same time.

There are things for gardeners to do in the winter, tho not many.  One is prepare garden areas for the spring. Tomato row was too crowded last year so I’m making it longer:  got it tilled and ready to have a single row of tomatoes, not double.  I had trouble getting between them last year, cos my tomato plants get huge here.  Now on days when the ground isn’t frozen, I can do direct composting: hoe a hole and bury kitchen scraps right into the ground.  They will decompose over the winter and enrich the ground for next spring.  Nice loose soil to dig in now and for tomato roots in the spring.


The land in the garden is flat and plants are dormant.  But in the spring things will rise up from the good earth and give me blessings of many different kinds of vegetables again. And the wheel of the year continues to turn.

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