In memory of a fine lady

stuffed animal

She’s such a cute little girl.  She was made for me by my dear old aunt, who is gone now.  She made her probably 20 years ago, when her fingers and eyes still worked well enough to do beautiful things like this.  She worked hard all her life and in the end had to go into an assisted living place to live out her last years.  I spent a lot of time with her and took her away, etc.

One time we went for ice cream in the summer and she took her cone and got out of my car to eat it, knowing she was going to make a mess and didn’t want it to be in my car.  She was that kind of lady.

She was surprised when I told her years ago that this lamb gets a bath sometimes.  She didn’t think she could go in the washer.  So I told her I put her in a laundry bag and run her on a short, gentle cycle and she comes out smelling nice and is all clean.  We laughed when I said she is probably scared in the washer, so I run it quick.

I’m just rambling cos I took her down to give her a wash, and thought I’d write the ramblings down.  So many nice memories. Christmas was different, and it will be her birthday in a while.  Special days.  Closure sometimes takes a while to happen.


6 responses to “In memory of a fine lady

    • She is, and I have a few other things from her, but this lamb is special since she made it. A good seamstress like you would enjoy her workmanship.

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