garden statue


I’ve been having some fun with Sir Albert, my gargoyle who is supposed to be guarding the garden.  Later in the spring/summer, he will be watching out for squash bugs and….oh my, groundhogs.

Albert has been posting about the weather on FB, because it’s just a little silly fun.  Maybe he should have his own FB page, hmm.  Recently he got a hat, cos there was a snow storm coming.

Today we have a Nor’easter coming, supposed to get a lot of snow today and maybe more yet tomorrow. Today he posted that he had heard about possibly 1′ of snow, and was concerned that he is about 1′ tall, and asked if I could bring the step stool out to the garden.

snow storm

I’m afraid that by tomorrow he might be sending a gargoyle alert out: mayday, mayday, I’m covered up and can’t see the house! Where am I, help!

16 responses to “Nor’easter

  1. Setting here in KY watching the snow come down right now. Today is supposed to be spring. Mother nature must have hit the snooze button and rolled over for a few more days sleep. Sir Albert looks so happy with his warm hat.

    • We are supposed to get a lot more tonight and tomorrow. Yea, some spring, huh. I’m afraid I won’t be able to see Sir Albert by tomorrow morning.

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