And it rains……

spring rain

The ferns are loving this weather.  Garden veggies are too, and all are growing.  (So are the weeds, but it rains every day so the weeds will have to get worked on  eventually.) Every day there’s another 1/2″ of rain in the rain gauge. This has been like this for about 2 weeks.

But today it’s supposed to stop the constant raining.  There are places all around here that are having water in places it shouldn’t be, just from the rain and also from creeks and rivers coming out of their banks.

So we can complain, but shouldn’t.  There are other places where the land is dry and things will not grow, important big crops that many people depend on. People across the world are starving from drought. And there are other places where whole towns are flooding.

We need to be thankful, and watch the beans and tomatoes coming from the good earth to give me the blessings of the earth after a while: good clean food that I can eat, share, and pack away for the winter that will come all too soon.

We are damaging our earth, our only home, and she is changing things to right herself. Maybe eventually governments will decide to listen to the things she is telling us.

Be peaceful if you can and enjoy Today, cos Today is what we have. And grow a garden, if you can.

2 responses to “And it rains……

  1. It is up to us Seniors to ‘ring the bell’. We can see what has been made better, but oh my how we see what is damaged.

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