Geyri, the uromastyx


Little Geyri is so interesting to have.  I never knew you could get so attached to a lizard.

I haven’t seen him as much lately because many lizards, even ones in captivity,  do a winter slow down, called brumation, like a small version of hibernation.  They don’t eat as much and are less active; we might not see them for several days at a time.

Geyri had a pretty active day a couple days ago tho; out and about for 5 hours, running around all over his enclosure.

He has an African mask in there. He’s never been to Africa but his people come from rocky, arid desert areas of northern Africa, so it seemed like he should have something from his place of origin.  Many reptile keepers add fun things to the enclosures, and some of us will even admit that the fun things are…..for the keepers, lol.  He won’t be getting a Christmas tree tho.

For all the people who follow me and my antics, Merry Christmas to you, or have good holidays, whatever yours are.  I would never be offended if you told me to have a good holiday of whatever your holidays are; I’d be happy you wished something nice to me.


4 responses to “Geyri, the uromastyx

  1. Little Geyri is an adorable fellow to watch. Thanks for posting a video of him.
    Wishing you a wonderful and warm ending of the year. Thank you for following me all these years too! Jimi sends his regards to MaChatte!

    • And thank you for following me! I’ll be posting more about Geyri and you know there will be gardening stuff, and probably old lady rants! Have lovely holidays, you and yours. Looking forward to another good year of hearing about you and Jimi. Be well. Spring will come. 🙂

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