My grandmother’s clock


We live in some crazy times, all things considered.  I don’t dwell in the past but when you get old(er) and also live in crazy times, it’s nice to think back to some other times.  Kinder, gentler times, when things made more sense.

Not long ago a cousin gave me a reason to think back. This clock was in my grandmother’s living room on a tall desk.  (Short kids weren’t tall enough to mess with it, good thinking grandma.) It was fascinating, how the little girl sat on her swing and kept swinging. I remember when I went in, I always looked at the clock to make sure she was still swinging. Then I’d sit on the floor in front of the desk and look at her once in a while while I played with the pretty buttons in grandma’s button box. It was always fun to spend some time at grandma’s. She made good cookies, too. 🙂

My cousin has the clock now because it was her father, my uncle, who gave the clock to grandma, somewhere in the early 1950’s.  It continued to run, keep time and the little girl kept swinging till a couple years ago.  Then she stopped swinging.

My cousin searched out a good man who works on clocks, and it took him a year to find a new motor for the little girl, and it came from somewhere in Canada. Now the clock runs and the little girl swings again.

Memories, some of them etched into your mind like they were yesterday.



5 responses to “My grandmother’s clock

  1. What a wonderful story and beautiful clock! It’s also heartwarming to cherish such lovely memories.

  2. The part of this post that resonates with me is the playing with the buttonbox.. My children used to do this when they visited my mother and father. The only difference is that it was a glass jar, not a box. The children loved sorting the buttons into various colours and sizes.

    • My grandmother didn’t have much money so she got rags from a clothing factory, took the buttons off, and sewed the rags into strips to make braided rugs. It was a different kind of time, many years ago now, cos I am an old lady. Children nowadays wouldn’t be content to spend time digging down thru that box and finding all sorts of pretty buttons. I’m glad to have been part of those times. Thanks for sharing your experience with the childhood charm of pretty buttons.

      • I am making a rag rug at the moment from old denim jeans which I have cut into strips. I am crocheting the rug.

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