Just like it used to be…….

2020 is the year that changed everything. When we first started wearing masks, I thought right away about not being able to see people smiling any more. You can only show so much facial expression with your eyes; a smile is a very expressive thing. Now it seems like people don’t even look at each other any more; very little eye contact out in public, like at a grocery store. I’ve noticed if I say anything to a stranger, very few people respond with any kind of recognition that something was even said to them.

Is there a growing sense of distrust among people in general, people who have been weighed down with the burden of all this for so long? Do people just not want bothered with strangers, when little stranger interactions used to be a pleasant part of being out in public?

Some countries are going on lock-down again. We have chaos all around, and this election seems that it might increase the chaos, either way it goes. We don’t recognize our country any more; this is not who we are. Virus, chaos, and all we can do now is hunker down….and wait.

Will things ever be like they used to be? Will anything be like it used to be?

Just a rant from an old lady who’s sad.

2 responses to “Just like it used to be…….

  1. I’m another old lady with the same rants and sadness. Made even worse by watching family argue over whether “its” real or not real; over voting this way or that way: over whether to wear a mask or don’t wear a mask; over whether to stock pile t-tissue or not. No matter what I say or do there is someone who doesn’t agree with me and gets angry. So I just stay home and stay quiet.

    • Thankfully I don’t have those family issues, cos my family feels the way I do about these issues. But it’s all pretty disgusting, isn’t it?

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