Street Skirmish, March to Destiny

March to Destiny

On the very hot afternoon of 6/26, two armies went together in battle on the streets of Shippensburg! Well, they were small armies, and they were re-enactors, but the Street Skirmish at the March to Destiny is very real.  A real skirmish did happen on the streets of our town during the Civil War, and it is re-enacted by local Civil War enthusiasts every summer during March to Destiny weekend.  In a battle, you would expect people to be injured, or killed, and the wounded in this battle  fall down, and medics and doctors take  them away to safety as quickly as they can to  give aid.

wounded soldiers


The air fills with smoke as the two groups  battle down the main street.

northern soldiers

One very famous man is usually there.

portrays Lincoln

March to Destiny is a wonderful way for people to celebrate history.  It is educational and fun for all who attend.  Much more information can be found at Shippensburg Historical Society’s Facebook page:

Also more information on the March to Destiny website:

Come join us in Shippensburg at the Historical Society any time to learn more about local history.  We are open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday afternoons from 1-4.  And come to March to Destiny next year!

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