Thank You, March to Destiny

March to Destiny,, has so many  educational and fun features!  The area behind the Library on Saturday of March to Destiny is a whole little village! I took a tour of the village, and hope to show people enough of it to generate their interest to come to Shippensburg for March to Destiny next year!

Since there was a war going on, there needed to be medical people.  The doctor was there explaining about the medical knowledge of the time.


The doctor had quite a lot of medicines with him.


People dying out on the battle field required the embalmer to be there.  He explained the whole process of embalming and the necessitiy of it at that time.


He had his tools with him.

enbalming tools

But it was also a village of every day activities just as any village would have been at that time.  There were two young people playing a game called Game of Graces.

Game of Graces

The blacksmith was there, making necessary tools that people used every day.



Sutlers were there with all sorts of every day things that people needed too.

Maryland Sutler

Maryland Sutler

And then there were people out enjoying their little village, and sharing it with the rest of us. 

ladies in Civil War reenactment

Cival War reenactment

As a resident of the town and a member of Shippensburg Historical Society, I would like to thank the March to Destiny organization and all the friendly and interesting  people who reenact the Civil War,  for coming to share their experiences and knowledge with all of us.

2 responses to “Thank You, March to Destiny

  1. Another great blog — I do enjoy reading them. And I think folks put so
    much effort into the March to Destiny to help folks keep up with the history of the area.
    The Civil War is of special interest to me as my maternal Grandfather and his twin sister were but three months old (having been born April 8th) when Chambersburg was

  2. Thanks! The people that spend their time and effort to do this are so nice, and so informative, that it’s a pleasure to have the town “invaded.”

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