Christmas is coming, is the goose getting fat?

Christmas comes as so many things are just not right. We are ravaged by the virus. Our economy is ravaged as well, as people have lost jobs and homes and thousands of people across the country line up to get food from food banks. An old song shows the state of many people’s lives as Christmas approaches, asking people to put a ha’penny in the old man’s hat.

Better days are ahead, once we get thru the times we are in right now. Vaccines are coming, and in our country, we have elected people who will do things that will improve our handling of the virus and our handling of our economy. We look forward to getting thru all this, and getting our country back on track.

I hope you can celebrate Christmas or whatever holidays you celebrate this time of year, and have some happy times. Warmth, loved ones, good food, safety and wellness, those are my Christmas wishes.

If you have anything you can share, maybe you’ll put a ha’peny in the old man’s hat, the way the old song said. You can always share a warm hello to a stranger, since they can’t see a warm smile with a mask on. There are still good people all around, each one happy to have a kind word in these times when people are afraid. Small kindnesses don’t cost anything, and could make such a difference in somebody’s day.

Most of all, each of you: be well and thankful for Today. Wear your mask, wash your hands and be nice to each other. Merry Christmas.

8 responses to “Christmas is coming, is the goose getting fat?

  1. Just like you said, I’m also sure we’re heading for better days soon but we still got to be very careful. It was a very strange year for all of us. I could handle the virus situation but had a hard time with the changes in my dad’s life. It’s going to be strange on Christmas Day with my dad in the retirement home. Thank goodness we can still be together and have some delicious desserts on that day.

    Wishing you and your family all the best, my friend! Stay healthy and safe!

    • Herman we’ll be wearing masks and doing other precautions for a long time yet here, cos the vaccine rollout has been less that ideal so far, and there are a lot of us, and spread out over a large area. There are many people who won’t take it for various reasons, some of them political, which is the other plague we have in our country. I’m so glad you will get to be with your dad on Christmas and have some good desserts, hopefully including chocolate. Have a peaceful, safe and happy healthy Christmas, dear friend.

      • Studies show that almost 80% of the people will get the vaccine when it’s available in our country. Things will get better eventually but I believe it’s going to take a while…
        Meanwhile I’ll find some comfort in good desserts… 😉

  2. Wishing you happy holidays and a prosperous new year.

    I’m one of those who won’t be taking the vaccine just yet. For health reasons, not political. When my doctor prescribes a medication for me to take I thoroughly research it before it goes into my body. I plan to do the same kind of research with this vaccine. Since no one is answering questions about drug interactions or long term effects and other questions I’ll continue to self-isolate.

    • All the best to you Anita for good holidays and I hope things start to get better for all of us soon and into next year. It will be a while before I’d be able to get the vaccine and I’m watching particularly the reports of allergic reactions. I’ve actually gotten used to being home, and it’s easier in the cold winter too, and wearing a mask is not a problem at all when I do go out occasionally.

  3. That’s the same with me. I’ve always been a homebody by nature so it isn’t a bother to stay home. I wonder about people with nut or egg allergies and citrus with certain medication restrictions.

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