An anniversary!

As of February, it’ll be for 11 years I’ve rambled along, with some of you following for a lot of that time. I know I’m boring in the winter, unmotivated and pretty non-productive. It’s been more so this winter.

What a year it was this past year, and how long was that year, wow. It seems forever ago that the first virus cases were found in our country, but it was about a year ago. We started off not knowing much and our government purposely withheld the facts from us at first. Now we understand better but look where we are; so many dead, hospitals full and morgue trucks outside. Quick vaccines came along but now there aren’t enough and states are scrambling to come up with plans to get people vaccinated when there is. I’m old and qualify to be in one of the first groups, but it’s not so encouraging being in line for…….waiting in line. We have a long ways to go before much gets better with all this. We do have a President now, and he and his team are trying to get things going in a forward direction, lots of things.

So if you’re still with me, thank you for riding along. I’m the same, just older. Things here are pretty much the same too: Geyri, my little uromastyx, is still brumating. She could liven up my winter days but she’s an African lizard who needs to take her big nap.

My little Belle girl cat is getting older, but still waits for the mailman each morning, waiting to attack him (well, try to) thru the picture window. She is happy that I order more stuff online now. She gets her own special box of good food every month.

I mostly stay home, spend too much time online, have a nice masked visit with my son and DIL once a week, and keep in touch with a relative and a friend thru Skype. Getting dressed up to go away now consists of putting on jeans instead of my usual sweatpants, to go to the grocery store. It sounds pathetic but we’re better off safe at home when we can be, us old folks especially.

So after a while spring will come and I’ll be gardening, and taking walks outside when it warms up. It’s a while before all that. But there will be tomatoes and beans and peppers and stories to tell about all that, and pictures to share. Maybe I’ll be lucky and can take some little trips in the summer, but if not, I’ll just putter along around here, cos around here is good.

I hope you and yours are well and safe and enjoying each day as much as you possibly can. It’s what we have, Today.

27 responses to “An anniversary!

  1. Its been a long year for lots of us. I don’t go anywhere except places with curbside pickup. I also qualify for the vaccine but I’m going to wait for awhile because I feel there are so many essential workers that should get the shots first. I can stay home in quarantine until the supply of shots catches up with demand. I slow down on my blog too during the winter months. Even more so these days.

  2. It’s always nice to read a new post from you! It has been a very strange year for all of us but thank goodness there’s a little light at the end of the tunnel… Well, I’m trying to stay a little bit positive… 😉
    Glad to see your little Belle girl cat is waiting for the mailman every morning in a comfortable box! Jimi sends his regards!

    Stay healthy and safe, my dear friend! And keep in mind, spring is just around the corner, well, kinda… 😉

    • Herman I hope for an early spring, cos it’s only January and winter is already feeling long. There is light at the end of the tunnel, several lights actually. I hope you and Jimi are finding things to do to keep busy. You stay safe too, and keep stocked up on those treats, human ones and feline too. We’ll all get thru all is somehow!

  3. Nice to hear from you. I’ve also found Nat Geo photographers on Instagram and our own Creekshack photographer on FB to keep me entertained. In healthcare field so 1st shot done. Looking forward to warm dirt and gardening. Stay safe.

    • Nice to hear back from you too! Warm dirt…..that sounds really nice. I find things to keep busy, but winter is getting really long. You stay safe too. We used to stay take care, but stay safe has a lot of meaning now.

  4. Happy Anniversary. That’s a great accomplishment.
    And this post by no means is boring. Your rants are interesting and your pets adorable.
    I also learned a new word – brumating 🙂 Thanks for that.

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