The love of a good cat.

  I had a wonderful cat for 18 years before she succombed to high thyroid and old age.  Then I got…….a wild thing!  I bought this little black thing cos she picked me out at the pet store. I named her LaChatte, French for The Cat. She quickly got renamed MaChatte, My Cat, tho I am her person just as much as she is MaChatte. 


  This cat is crazy! She runs thru the house arching her back and tries to turn around and change direction in mid air.  My son got her a bird that sings when he hits the floor and that is her favorite thing in the world.  Unfortunately, there is a space under my couch, and the bird ends up under the couch several times each day.  This may be an intentional game, cos when the bird is under there, I need to get the yard stick to reach under to get him out.  MaChatte wouldn’t play a game like that….would she? 

  She loves nylon tunnels I got at the dollar store, and sewed several together. Toys must be taken in there to  hide, and when someone walks near the end of the tunnel, she jumps out in a feigned attack.

Tunnel Cat!

  Sometimes we have a little fight when I’m working at my desk where I make jewelry.  She really insists that she has to be allowed to lay on that desk while I work.  There is a reasonable amount of space where she can lay, but sometimes she decides she needs to stretch out, and then feet go into beads and other componenets, and we have a problem! Sometimes it results in her needing to be put down from the table, but within five minutes, she wants to get up again.  Here she is laying among  a bone and jasper bracelet, some jewelry making tools, and a ceramic tagine, a Moroccan dish used there to cook food in, in larger sizes. I use it to sort beads, just cos it’s neat and I like it.

  Once, I was working with very small Ghana Christmas (peace) beads, along with some other African components to make Tribal jewlery.  She was very interested in the peace beads, nice, tiny beads, shiny, looked like toys.  After several times of discouraging her from getting so involved, she decided that a nap was a good idea again.

  Those wood beads were in the tray, but the string of peace beads was the problem…for a while.  I mistakenly left some things lay out on the table once, and the large nut-shell focal in the front of the picture has gone missing.  Evidently it looked like a cat toy, good to scoot across the floor.  Anyway, I have hunted all over the house and can’t find it.  Not even under the couch, where the bird goes. 

  A cat can add so much to your life. Sometimes it’s a bit of a challenge, but mostly it’s a furry ball of crazy excitement and lots of love.  That is MaChatte.

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