Carolina Wrens came to live “with” me

In the winter I wrote a blog entry about a beautiful little bird, Jenny Wren, who I hoped would nest in my wren box.

Unfortunately, we had a wonky spring, too much cold, too much rain, and for whatever reasons, the little birds didn’t nest here.  They came around and sang, but I think it was not good conditions for nesting at that time and they must have waited, and then moved elsewhere.

BUT.  There is another small wren whose song is almost as good.  These are called Carolina Wrens.  Here is a Wikipedia article about these dear little birds:  And a picture, also taken from Wikipedia:

Carolina Wren

These little darlings seem even  more willing to nest right under people’s noses, on porches and decks, right outside back doors too.

For 3 years one of these birds has come and began building a next in a basket I have hanging up on my back porch.  In all those cases, the bird has given up and left for some reason.  Not this year!  The last 4 or 5 days there has been a flurry of activity on the porch, singing, carrying sticks and other building materials in, moss, string, anything they can find.  And this isn’t one bird, it’s both!  This seems like a more serious venture.

This basket hangs there year round and has in it various things at various times: right now a bottle of charcoal starter, a trowel I don’t use much, and a root of a plant called Angelica, which I grew a couple years ago and saved one root, cos I think it’s neat.

So this year I can’t start a charcoal fire unless I buy more starter, and I have another trowel to use,  cos I sure won’t do anything to disturb this nest or this relationship with these birds.  Just in case any visitor who comes here would do anything to disturb  that basket,  I hung up a sign that says Wren’s Nest, with an arrow!

Carolina wren nest down in the basket

The nest is way down inside the basket

The nest is down inside the basket, like a tunnel.  They  sit on the porch and sing, and right off the porch in a small tree and just sing their little hearts out.  This announcement of this being their territory makes me smile every time I hear it. 

Hopefully, this nest and this clutch will work out and she will be a regular visitor here.

3 responses to “Carolina Wrens came to live “with” me

  1. I am so happy that the little treasures finally
    occupy the basket. This would truly warm your
    Father’s heart, also. They were a favorite at our
    home and we had houses scattered all over for their

  2. I hope they do stay, but there are catbirds here too. These wrens are so small they could fit into the Jenny Wren box, but they like to find their own special place. I’m not sure Daddy would have even been aware of these birds, cos I have only seen them around here for maybe 10 years or so. And it’s odd for such a small bird—they stay here all winter.

    • I would beg to differ with you. It is a common eastern bird and
      your Father would have known of them, I believe. He had a real
      interest in birds.

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