There’s a gold guy on the boardwalk in Ocean City

street performer

This guy was on the boardwalk last summer when I was there.  He sits still till some people come to see whether he’s actually a statue, then he moves around and starts to squeak. He uses a whistle-type of thing inside his mouth  to talk with,  some words you can understand and some not. He puts a container out in front of him for tips.  He’ll get off his bike and walk around and do tricks with his hat.

I love internet searches.  And to think some people don’t take their technology along on vacation! I searched and learned about him. He’s 27 years old and this is his full time job.  The summer in OC, then home to New York for a visit, then off to Florida for the winter. He rents a room near the boardwalk in OC.  He uses hundreds of cans of gold spray paint on his bike and clothes every summer, and uses gold theatrical makeup on his skin and hair. He’s often out there 10 hours a day. He’s quite a character, and fun to watch.

Somebody (not my video) took a video and posted it on YouTube.  If you see this statue, it will soon move, and he acts very happy when people throw a tip in his container. What an interesting life this guy has, the life that he chooses.





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