It all started with a lawn mower…….


Many years ago I noticed that things had started to go awry, or rather,  ascrew.  Maybe I made up a word.  I was noticing that people acted in ways that were different from what used to be. People seemed to want to find someone to blame for their issues. That is foreign to me, I attend to my own sense of personal responsibility.  I take that seriously. So this problem was apparent all around and caught my interest.  And brings me to a rant today!

Then I heard about the lawn mower.  Seems two guys had picked up a lawn mower to trim a hedge. When they lifted it up above waist level, their fingers had to go further up under the machine. The blade cut their fingers off.  They sued the lawnmower company.  And they WON.

WHAT? So here is my rant. People need to go back to having good values. They need to live these good values and teach them to others, including their children!  I think this problem best is exemplified by my two least favorite TV commercials.

Have a bad driving record?  Let XYZ Insurance Company get you the coverage you deserve!!! WHAT?  If you had a wreck, it might not have been your fault, and I hope you made out ok. If you’ve had a LOT of wrecks, you probably drive like an idiot and no, you do NOT “deserve” the same reasonably priced car insurance as people who are safe and careful drivers.  Who promised you a rose garden? There is a human value called a sense of personal responsibility.

Do you owe the federal government $100,000 or more in tax money?  Let XYZ Tax Attorney help you figure out how to pay less that 1/4 of that!  WHAT? Is that also known as Screw the Government? And, what kind of life have you lead if you DO owe the IRS that much in back taxes?  You are not a model citizen, and I pay my taxes and would be afraid to even try to screw the IRS.  And  somehow I am paying something for your lifestyle, and so are others.  There’s that personal responsibility value again.

We live in a fast paced life.  People have forgotten their values, and that is sad to me.  And scary.  I think I’ll  go on!  Other  things…people I know don’t like to recycle cos it’s so “inconvenient.”  WHAT?  Do you think we can can continue to pollute our Mother Earth as tho nothing matters, or ever will? We are not the owners of this Earth, we are simply allowed to visit.

People I know live in the hugest, most beautiful houses, that they can’t come close to really affording.  They charge up credit cards and then wonder why they are so far in debt and never have any money.  WHAT?  Don’t you have a money tree behind your house?  Save some money, live within your means, have a value and pride in yourself for the fact that you really are in charge of your financial life.  It feels pretty good. (No, I’m not talking about people who have fallen into the recent economic recession issues. I’m talking about people who have lived irresponsible financial lives.)

People I know gamble: tickets, bingo, run the whole way to NJ to hit the casinos. Complain cos they had to sell their second car and their money is getting SO tight.  WHAT?  Somebody told you you could get something for nothing?  Somewhere in your head you just KNOW you’re gonna win big….the next time?

Values, we used to have values, and they were good values, and they were good days.  So much has changed in my life time and lately a couple of things around me have made me think hard about some of the problems I see people having since they have lost their values along their path in life.  The path is still there, and people can get back on the former path if they want to bad enough.  Each individual would have to work at this if the need is there for them to do so.  I haven’t lived a perfect life myself, but I’ve learned a lot and try real hard to stick to some good values.  I can sleep at night too!

Maybe this is just the ramblings of an old woman, but old women are allowed to ramble!  I just had to write some of it down!  Maybe it will make just one person improve their life.  Thanks for the ventilation, rant over.

rant, frustration

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